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STEAMWAY is a dishwasher designed for the future of sustainable urban living. It’s small size and independence from a water outlet means it can be placed anywhere in the home. Water used is recycled with the use of specialised filters which saves water. Removable baskets allow for better organisation and convenience in the kitchen.


Product Design



Steam P board.jpg


Using steam saves water because a little water goes a long way to create steam that takes up more volume. Steam also kills bacteria and sanitizes, eliminating the need for chemicals and detergents which are harmful for the environment.


Multiple baskets allows for better organisation in the kitchen. Just put whole basket into Steamway to wash and keep it away when it is done washing

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Steamway refills can last a long time as it is reusable. Just rinse it after a few cycles in Steamway. When it’s time to change the filter, consumers can buy a pack of refills

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